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Iran is an ancient civilization with a long history. It is rich in products with four distinct climates and the people treat each other warmly. However, the people are surveilling by the government in a usual strict way compares to other countries.

The literal English translation of the above is as follows: “Human beings are members of a whole,since in their creation they are of one essence.

When the conditions of the time brings a member (limb) to pain,the other members (limbs) will suffer from discomfort.

You, who are indifferent to the misery of others,it is not fitting that they should call you a human being.”

This poem comes from Saadi’s book the Gulistan or Golestan (chapter 1, story 10), completed in 1258 AD.
Bani Adam meaning son of a man or “human being”, is a poem by Persian poet Saadi Shirazi.

The United States is calls Iran as an evil empire. When did Iran become the axis of evil and give the world a negative impression?

Life Ministry

The Muslim neighbor CMA co-workers went to Iran and befriended the Muslim neighbors.

We hope we can help Iranians and be friends with them.

Due to the sensitivity of the region, we are sharing limited ministry related information to the general public.

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