South Sudan Customs

“Sudan” is a large country connecting Africa and Egypt. The Nile River runs through it and flows into Egypt. This region is closely related in biblical history. South Sudan declared independence under the recognition of the United Nations on July 9, 2011, and is the latest independent country in the world.

After more than ten years of war, North and South Sudan formally joined the United Nations on July 14, 2011. In December 2013, the President and Vice President of South Sudan caused conflict and civil war due to the distribution of power, which caused tens of thousands of deaths and more than 2.5 million people lost their homes and had to flee to neighboring countries to seek shelter.

The United Nations and NGO groups intervened to encourage peace agreement within different political parties in South Sudan and the situation eased slightly. However, civil wars continue to this day, and the people are still suffering and displaced.

Establish Bases

CMA  preached in the hard land of multiple cultures with the strategy of combining “daily life” and “gospel” in order to grow roots. If we cannot grow roots in our lives, the gospel will be difficult to preach. Therefore, when we arrive at a new place, the first thing we do is to establish a “Missionary Base.”

In October 2013, CMA landed in South Sudan and established a new base in this difficult place.

The observation towers around the base turned to “prayer towers”.

Build a Tent-Weaving Church

When CMA set foot on South Sudan’s barren and unproductive land, there was a sage grass that was taller than a human with no end in sight. We knew that God brought us here to win the people of this place. Although the roads are harsh and rough, God is with us the whole time.

Drill Wells to Help Local Residents

“You shall serve the Lord your God,
and he will bless your bread and your water,
and I will take sickness away from among you.”
Exodus 23:25 (ESV)

Meet the Sudanese Nomads

After a base was established, we found that there were often Sudanese Nomad women, girls and children passing by with milk jars on their heads. They are our neighbors, nomadic people called ” Thunder Tribe ” with a mark on their foreheads .

Make friends with the Thunder Tribe and
build relationships by purchasing milk and cow dung from them.

<Purchase Milk>

<Purchase Cow Dung>

Thunder Tribe Leader

Due to War Chaotic,
CMA Transferred to Uganda

The political situation in South Sudan is chaotic. As the civil war continues, people are evacuated from their homes due to famine. CMA decided to temporarily transfer to Uganda. When the situation eases, we will return back to South Sudan.

The Base in South Sudan has been Destroyed

CMA Transferred to Uganda

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