Uganda Customs

Africa Region-UgandaLake Victoria in Uganda is the source of the Nile River, which flows from Uganda to South Sudan, North Sudan, and into Egypt.

Before Uganda was founded, there were many Catholics, and others believed in Christianity and Islam.

From South Sudan to Uganda

We relocated our ministry bases from South Sudan to the border of Uganda and waiting for the end of the civil war in South Sudan so that we can return again. During the period of waiting and restructuring, the first base was established on the border of Uganda .

The civil war in South Sudan continues to expand resulting in millions of refugees fleeting to Uganda border.

Green Point Project

promoting Green Point Project to build bridges to the refugees.
God asked us to serve in the refugee camps and set up a second base in the refugee area to serve refugees full-time promoting Green Point Project to build bridges to the refugees.

Now that the mulberry trees have grown up, they are taught to raise silkworms in the refugee camps. The refugees are given “fishing rods” (to raise silkworms as their fishing rods) rather than simply depending us to provide them “fish”.

Train refugees to become co-workers

Helping refugees improve their lives while establish churches so they continue grow their faith in Christ.

Currently, more than 200 small tent churches and 20 medium-sized churches have been established, and a large-scale gathering has been organized.

< More than 200 small tent weaving churches>

<Twenty Medium-Sized Churches>

Watching Gospel Movies

<Large Gathering>

Large crowds gathered to participate the gospel sharing event and promote ministry projects.

Football Team Project

After a large gathering each year, it was later discovered that most of the people who came to the gathering were mostly women, children and the elderly, with very few young people. Under the British colonial education, young people love football (soccer), so we set up two “soccer teams” as a way to reach young people.

Our goal is to first establish twelve football teams as a ministry platform to reach more young people. Before each training session, we worship together and teach the word of God to these young people first.

Refugee Camp Water Filtration Project

The United Nations uses water trucks to retrieve water from the Nile River and transport it to the refugees’ villages for drinking. The Nile water provided to the refugees is very filthy. 

Therefore, CMA is aiming to establish a “water filtration system” in the refugee village so that the refugees can have clean water to drink . At the same time, we also support these refugees “water buckets” as they suffer from not having sufficient water buckets to get clean water. 

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