Green Point Project

The hostilities between the President of South Sudan and the Vice President caused great domestic unrest and triggered the largest refugee wave in Africa, with more than 1 million refugees fled to the border of Uganda.

The co-workers of CMA served refugees in the refugee camp and promoted the Green Point Project to plant millions of Mulberry Tree.

Love the earth

by planting millions of trees and offer employment opportunities as a way to connect and share the gospel with refugees.

Promote the Green Point Project

Planning Mulberry Trees

Now the mulberry trees are harvested.

Showing Love to Refugees

By giving them job opportunities and Teach Them Sericulture Skills

Provide training to local co-workers

Silk quilt

Love to Spread the Gospel and Plant Churches

While helping refugees improve their lives and CMA also building churches at the same time. Currently, there are more than 100 small tent churches and 20 medium-sized churches have been established. Also a large-scale gathering has been organized.

More than a hundred small tent weaving churches established

Twenty Medium-Sized Churches

Gospel Movie Watching

Large Gathering

Large crowds gathered to participate in joined worship events.

The project you are currently browsing is: Green Point Project

Project Plan

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