Djibouti Customs

Djibouti borders the Red Sea in the east. The merchant ships enter the Mediterranean via the Suez Canal or via the Arabian Sea to the Persian Gulf and the Mande Strait.

The county is also located at the key location of the Indian Ocean. Therefore, its strategic location is critical.

Djibouti was colonized by France in the 19th century and became independent in 1977. It is a Muslim country.

The Port of Djibouti is an excellent natural deep-water port, which contains the entrance and exit of the Red Sea, and its geographical location is very important.

CMA Established a Missions Base

CMA has established bases and offered Chinese and English classes in different areas as channels to reach unengaged people groups in Djibouti.

Receiving a Chinese Certificate upon Completion


Year 2020 African Locust Plague

Desert locusts hit eastern Africa hard in year 2020 and caused nearly 20 million people to face food shortages! The leaves of the mulberry tree in CMA base were also eaten up.

Locust Crossing

Local people love football so we connect with them through the establishment of football teams there. Approaching young people by establishing football teams

Discover the Extremely Poor Afar Ethnic Group

Djibouti-Gospel Meetings

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