Egg Bank Project

There are many ethnic minorities living in hardship in the mountainous region in the Golden Triangle.

A question for all of us:How to live out the “cross of love” among those in need?

At the same time,
CMA gathers together with them to set up a tent-weaving church.

Under normal circumstances,
the laying rate of laying hens is 70%, 50 laying hens can produce 30-35 eggs per day, and about 1,000 eggs can be collected a month. The income is about the income of primary school teachers in the countryside, which improves their lives tremendously. CMA helped them in their lives and spread the “Gospel” to them.

We build mission schools and teach them life skills to improve their lives.

While spreading the gospel, we also set up tent-weaving churches.

The project you are currently browsing is: Egg Bank

Project Plan

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